Lego brings back its Pirates theme –

Lego is returning to its roots by bringing back one of its most iconic and beloved themes: Pirates. No, not Pirates of the Caribbean unfortunately, the actual theme and not the co-branded theme that is more about historical representation than fantasy themes.

To see this theme return, Lego will kick things off with the return of the Eldorado Fortress set, which is based on imperial forts from the golden age of piracy, and was first announced in 1989 before being retired and essentially lost to time.

The set includes 2509 parts and includes a working port, prison, crane, trap doors, an imperial ship, a pirate rowboat and a collection of six minifigures plus a monkey.

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The set retails for £189.99 / €239.99 and will be launched on July 4, 2023.

Lego brings back its Pirates theme

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