La Facua denounces a “miraculous” spray that claims to cure joint diseases

The organization in defense of consumer rights Facua has denounced the spray Hondrostrong for false advertising. As reported by the entity in a statement, this spray was advertised as a product “miraculous” that promised the cure of all diseases of the joints such as arthritisthe osteoarthritis and the osteochondrosis.

The complaints have been submitted to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) and the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Community of Madrid, where the company that distributes this product in Spain has its registered office:

False exclusivity

The company stated that, for a price supposedly reduced from 39 euros (reduced from 78€), this compound “100% natural” can cure these diseases in “one, five or two months”. Thus, he points out that it recovers “the mobility of extremities” and “destroyed cartilage tissue“, while “eliminates pain, edema and numbness of joints”.

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Likewise, Facua disfigures that to give “appearance of exclusivity” the denounced brand indicates that it produces “only 1,500 packages a year” of the spray, since it is made with “green mussels off the coast of New Zealand“. In fact, the company claims to have an agreement with “the Polynesian people” for the use of this ingredient.

False medical recommendations

In addition, the organization ensures that on the Hondrostrong spray website there are published “statements and interviews” with alleged health professionals recommending the product; but that it is aidentity theftsince in no case have they made such statements.

An example of this is the case of the surgeon mario alonso puigwho “saw his impersonated identity to promote Hondrostrong” with some false statements in which it was said that he had invented the remedy for “cure his sick wife“.

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In view of the situation, Facua has urged remove “immediately” the spray, yeah sanction to the company and to all individuals or legal entities that are distributing this product.

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