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Afghan resistance reports death of five Taliban, capture of 40 others in Panjshir


Aug 15 () –

Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NRF) has claimed Monday the arrest of up to forty Taliban members, as well as the death of five others, in Panjshir province, on the same day that the Islamist group celebrates a year since it managed to take over the city of Kabul and install the new regime.

NRF spokesman Sibghatullah Ahmadi reported on his Twitter profile this “victorious” operation of the Afghan resistance in the valley of Arezoo, in the district of Anaaba, including a series of photographs showing the alleged 40 “Taliban occupiers” captured.

For the moment, the Taliban Defense Ministry has not made any reference to this case, although its head, Mullah Yaqoob Mujahid, has stressed on several occasions that they will repress any rebel group whatever the circumstances.

The Panjshir province in northern Afghanistan has been the scene over the past year of renewed fighting between the resistance and the fundamentalist group, following the September 2021 call to arms by NRF leader Ahmad Masud to fight the Taliban.

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Masud, son of historic Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Shah Masud, called for a “national uprising” against the Taliban, which still persists despite the two groups’ attempt to open negotiations in January to end hostilities. The talks, however, proved fruitless.

The NRF claims to strive for democratic values, including fair political representation that accommodates Afghanistan’s different ethnic groups, fair elections, and protection of women’s rights.

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