Kuleba expresses disappointment over Pope Francis’ remarks on Daria Dugina’s murder

Latest news on the war between Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba has expressed his disappointment over the words of Pope Francis on the car bomb murder of Daria Dugina, daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin.

“I will say frankly that the heart of Ukraine is torn by the Pope’s words. It was unjust,” Kuleba has expressed during a joint press conference with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who visited Ukraine on Thursday.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that they will convey their disagreement soon in an official statement on the official website of the Foreign Ministry, UNIAN news agency reported.

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The Pope condemned the car bomb killing of the journalist during a general audience on Wednesday, assuring that he was thinking of “the poor girl,” as “the innocent pay for war.” He also asked for prayers “for the peace of the Lord for the beloved Ukrainian people who have been suffering the horror of war for 6 months.”

During his address, he also explained that “those who profit from the arms trade are criminals who kill humanity” and called on the international community to avoid the risk of a nuclear catastrophe at the Zaporiyia plant, one of the largest power plants in Europe.

“Many wounded Ukrainian and Russian children have become orphans. Orphans have no nationality, they have lost their father or mother. Let them be Russian, let them be Ukrainian. I think of so much cruelty for so many innocent people who are paying for the madness, the madness of all sides, because war is madness,” the Pope said.

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Francis also assured that he carried in his heart the prisoners, “especially those who are in fragile conditions,” and has urged the responsible authorities to work for their release. “We need peace,” he remonstrated.

It should be recalled that Russian Intelligence accused Ukrainian Intelligence services of preparing the attack and identified as the alleged perpetrator a Ukrainian citizen, Natalia Vovka, who allegedly fled to Estonia after the crime. Kiev, however, has already denied any responsibility in this incident.

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