Lula admits corruption in his mandate, but stresses that “it only appears when you allow it to be investigated”.

The former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has acknowledged that although during his previous government “he cannot say that there was no corruption”, he has stressed that this “only appears when you allow it to be investigated”.

“If someone makes a mistake, someone commits a crime, it is investigated, judged, convicted or acquitted and the problem is solved,” said Lula da Silva, who took the opportunity to denounce that during the last five years he was “massacred”.

“What was the mistake of Lava Jato? Well, it took a delicate political path. Lava Jato went beyond the limits of the investigation and entered the limits of politics. The objective was to condemn Lula”, said the former president in relation to the famous corruption case that led to his imprisonment, although it lasted only a year, the time it took him to get out after being proven malpractice by the Justice.

Lula’s statements took place this Thursday night in front of the cameras of Globo channel, which this week on the occasion of the elections has been interviewing the candidates with the highest support, according to the polls. This Friday it is the turn of the leader of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), Simone Tebet.

Lula has pointed out that his candidacy comes to “pacify” the country and regretted that Brazil has gone from that healthy polarization represented by the Workers’ Party (PT) and the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) to the “incitement to hatred” represented by the president, Jair Bolsonaro.

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“Happy was Brazil and Brazilian democracy when the polarization in this country was between the PT and the PSDB. We were political opponents, we exchanged barbs, but we met (…) we were not treated as an enemy, we were treated as an adversary,” Lula recalled.

“When you have democracy and when you have more than one disputing, polarization is healthy. It is important, it is stimulating, it makes the militancy go out to the streets. The important thing is that we do not confuse polarization with stimulating hatred. I get along very well with the PSDB”, assured Lula, who has been the favorite in the polls since he recovered his political rights after his release from prison.

Precisely, the historic PSDB leader Geraldo Alckmin left the party in December 2021 after three decades in it, to be part of Lula’s candidacy as vice president. “He has been accepted body and soul by the PT”, he has said.

“I am one hundred percent confident that his experience as governor of São Paulo (…) will help me fix this country,” said Lula, who to explain Alckmin’s entry has quoted Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire when he said that “sometimes you have to stand with the divergent to overcome the antagonists and now we need to overcome the antagonism of fascism.”

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In reference to President Bolsonaro, Lula has asserted that he is “hostage of the Congress”, a “court jester”, who does not even manage the State budgets. The PT leader has reproached his rival for his dependence on the Centrão parties, the informal bench of the chamber on which governments usually rely to approve their measures in exchange for considerations.

Lula has criticized the controversial ‘secret budget’ that has been handled in Congress these years and has described it as a form of “usurpation of power” that does not seem to matter to Bolsonaro, since it is others who decide where and how to invest a part of those budget items.

“This has never happened since the proclamation of the republic,” Lula has said. “The governors of the states are also hostages of these secret reforms. It used to be that the deputy would talk to the governor to see how these funds were applied. They no longer talk. This is a mockery. This is not democracy,” he protested.

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