Komainu adds staking and collateralization of assets for institutional clients

Joint venture of Nomura, CoinShares and Ledger, Komainu launches new warranty management service for institutional with Komainu Connect. The promise: the monetization of their digital assets in a regulated and secure mode.

Founded in 2018 with the goal of providing institutions with a secure and regulated custodial service for digital assets, Komainu has just made a new offering official. After the custody launched in June 2020, the crypto startup announces Komainu Connect.

A regulated custodian of digital assets and a joint venture of Nomura, CoinShares and Ledger, the firm is now introducing to the market a collateral management service or collateral. Connect specifically targets institutions and combines various features.

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Collateralization without counterparty risk

Komainu states that its service allows its customers to use digital assets in collateralization scenarios” even as tokens continue to remain secure, isolated and verifiable on-chain.

Komainu Connect addresses an industry need to reduce counterparty risk by removing the need to store collateral with commercial counterparties,” says the crypto startup, which is currently testing its offering with a few clients.

To meet this need to mitigate counterparty risk, Komainu relies on partners. Its solution also allows for 24/7 transactions while keeping assets in custody.

This is made possible through tripartite agreements that combine Komainu’s technical and legal expertise with their clients’ requirements for security and segregation of assets held in custody,” the joint venture details.

Staking ETH, Solana, Polkadot and Tezos

In parallel to this new service, the company announces an improved staking solution for institutional customers. Its launch is scheduled for April 12, the day of the Shanghai update ofEthereum.

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At this date, ETH holders will be able to freely deposit and withdraw tokens placed in staking. Komainu will therefore offer its customers the withdrawal of ethers, but also tokens Solana, Polkadot and Tezos.

With the addition of collateral management and enhanced staking services, we are demonstrating loud and clear that we are more than just a repository for digital assets,” claims Darren Jordan, Komainu’s chief commercial officer.

Our new collateral management services allow clients to maximize trading opportunities, reduce counterparty risk, while keeping their assets safe with a regulated custodian. This sets a benchmark in the market for a comprehensive custody offering,” he continued.

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