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The Motiv Go by Teufel has been a household name in the world of portable as well as handheld speakers for years. This year Teufel comes out with the Voice version, the Motiv Go we’ve known for years with a built-in Google Assistant and a number of other upgrades. We were allowed to test the Motiv Go Voice extensively and here’s what we thought of it.

If we compare the Motiv Go to the Voice version, little has actually changed. On the outside, the speaker looks the same and only if you look very closely at the dimensions do you notice that it is slightly larger and also a bit on the heavier side. Other than that, it is exactly the same in appearance and the Motiv Go Voice remains a beautiful, luxurious speaker. The gray speaker with the words Teufel on it screams Luxury and that is pretty awesome. The speaker looks subtle with round shapes and an artificial eye on the front. The rubber strips make sure the speaker does not vibrate or fall over. On top you will find all the buttons you need, louder and softer, but also the Google Assistant button and the button that allows you to connect all your devices with it. Furthermore, surprisingly, there is a 3.5mm jack on it. This allows you to connect devices wired as well. Not something we often see with speakers anymore.

Perhaps the most important thing about a speaker is the sound quality. And we can safely say that the quality of the Motiv Go Voice is great. I placed the speaker in my study and while I was working the room filled with music with great bass. Later, my friend and I also found out that you can get additional quality by pressing the Dynamore surround button. This makes the Motiv Go Voice create a stereo sound. This idea is achieved because the speaker allows sound to come out from multiple sides. In my small study, this effect was incredibly audible and I haven’t turned the feature off since.
The speaker also has two 50mm full-range speakers that contribute to this great sound. The sound can mostly be described as warm with great bass. 80s songs will sound great through your room or at a party. This great bass is achieved with passive diaphragm, which gives the bass even more emphasis. We did not find any downsides to the sound and especially for the size, the sound is phenomenal. It is important to note, however, that you have no way to adjust the sound with an equalizer. The only way to make the sound sound just a little different is with the Dynamore feature.

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One drawback, however, is how the connecting goes with an iPhone. You have to go through a full setup within the Google Home app. This has everything to do with the Google Assistant that is also embedded in the speaker. For some people, the Google Assistant will be incredibly useful. Just asking about what your calendar looks like, what the weather is like outside and asking to turn your music up or down. It’s a nice addition, but it won’t be worth it for everyone.

The Motiv Go Voice is certainly an interesting choice for summer. This is because the Motiv Go Voice can run on an adapter, but fully charged it can also go straight into your beach bag and be taken to the beach. With a full battery, the Motiv Go Voice can play music for 16 hours. You will have to be careful with the speaker because it is not water or dust resistant. So buying a cover is not a luxury if you plan to take the speaker everywhere you go. However, the Motiv Go Voice is quite pricey. Normally the speaker costs 299 euros. However, you can currently purchase the speaker for about 250 euros. It is a hefty price for a speaker and not everyone will be willing to pay it.

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In short, the Motiv Go Voice is a wonderful speaker with great bass and warm sound. The speaker is compact but has a luxurious look with the metal Teufel lettering and plastic front. The speaker can be wired and also used wirelessly, making it the ideal speaker for summer when you want to throw a party in your backyard or on the beach. All this luxury and sound quality does come at a price which is perhaps the biggest downside, the price of 299/249 euros is quite high and especially in a time when the economy is not doing great, it is a big expense. Still, I believe that people with a love for sound and appearance should have this speaker, because for the price you have one of the best speakers on the market and with it comes a Google Assistant that can make your life a lot easier.

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