Visa unveils Web3 customer loyalty solution

The giant Visa presented a new customer engagement platform designed in partnership with SmartMedia and powered by Web3 technologies.

Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution is an omnichannel engagement and loyalty solution developed by Visa with the help of startup SmartMedia Technologies, enabling companies to reward their customers through web experiences3.

During a gamified giveway, an augmented reality quest or a simple transaction, customers can win digital collectibles that are redeemable and offer a high level of ownership.

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Consumers are looking to interact with brands in new ways, and traditional loyalty programs haven’t evolved over the past decade. Imagine earning a unique digital collectible, whether by buying tickets to a sporting event or participating in an AR scavenger hunt,” commented Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, Vice President of Visa.

With Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution, the US fintech prides itself on linking web2 innovation with web3 innovation. In detail, the service offers brands the opportunity to design, develop and distribute tokens and other digital collectibles without being an expert in blockchain development. It also enables the creation of personalized brand wallets and the construction of metaverse world and AR .

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For its part, SmartMedia Technologies believes that the collaboration with Visa redefine the exchange of value between brands and consumers in a world driven by mobile payments .

Our enterprise web3 platform seamlessly integrates with Visa’s digital payment solutions, providing brands with unparalleled experiences to connect with customers,” boasted Tyler Moebius, boss of the Colorado-based startup founded in 2019.

Visa has been navigating web3 for several years now and was swelling its headcount in this area in 2023 with the ambition of offering new blockchain products.

The payments specialist, which this autumn praised the Solana network, is now collaborating with major exchanges on crypto bank card programs. Last year, however, it ended its partnership with number 1 Binance.

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