Killer plant fungus infects humans in India -.

The Last of Us recently completed its first season and the PC port of The Last of Us: Part I debuted earlier this week, and as the world clearly knows we love Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic series, Mother Nature has started the action as well.

As Sky News reports that in the world’s first case, a man in India has now been infected with what is a “killer plant fungus”. Chondrostereum purpureum fungi are said to cause leaf silver disease in plants and spread via airborne spores to kill flora lethally, but for the longest time it was generally known that the fungi could not infect humans. Until now.

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The patient is said to be a 61-year-old man who showed symptoms of coughing, fatigue, difficulty swallowing and a hoarse voice for three months, and before he became infected was said to have no history of illness. However, he is a plant mycologist who has worked with mushrooms and other fungi.

While this is undoubtedly quite frightening for The Last of Us fans, it should be said that the case was actually reported two years ago but has only recently gone public, and that after the infection was diagnosed, the man was treated and cured and the infection has not returned since.

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Fortunately, this seems to suggest that we are not watching our own Outbreak Day run. At least not yet…

Killer plant fungus infects humans in India

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