You can soon stay at Barbie’s Dreamhouse

With the release of Barbie just under a month away, press for the film is well underway, gathering publicity for what is likely to be one of the biggest hits of the year. In addition to Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and other cast members doing interviews to hype Barbie, we have also spotted the Dreamhouse as a possible vacation destination.

As reported by photographer John Schreiber, the Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu is a huge residence, and of course it’s bright pink. In the gigantic pool you can spot balloons spelling “KEN,” and inside it has everything you need and more, from a mini roller coaster to a pair of plastic horses scattered throughout the pool. It’s not a house designed for the movie, as it has been around since 2019, but of course there are a lot more eyes on it now.

You can stay in the Dreamhouse as an AirBnB, and bookings begin as early as July 17. Because Barbie is such a popular movie right now, you will probably have to spend a good chunk of money to live in the house of your dreams, just for a while.

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