Johnson is betting on leaving the response to the energy crisis and the high cost of living in the UK to his successor

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who will leave office in September, has defended Tuesday his decision to leave it to his successor to take measures to respond to the energy crisis and the rising cost of living.

The ‘premier’ said he was “absolutely sure” that his successor will make every effort to help the British population to face the economic situation the islands are going through, as well as a large part of the international community, mainly due to the war in Ukraine.

In this sense, Liz Truss, current Minister of Foreign Affairs and candidate to succeed Johnson at the head of the Government, has promised to lower taxes; while the former Minister of Finance and also aspiring to serve as ‘premier’, Rishi Sunak, has bet on subsidizing the most vulnerable families.

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“Whoever (the successor) is, I am absolutely sure that he will want to make some more announcements in September and October about what we will do in the next period, in December and January,” Johnson explained, according to the BBC.

“I just want you to know that I am absolutely sure that we will have the fiscal power and the headroom to look after people as we have done all along,” the premier added during an event in Downing Street.

However, from the bench of the Labor Party has accused Johnson of leaving “a political vacuum” by not taking decisions on the matter, so they have asked Downing Street to take the reins of the situation and bring proposals before the prime minister concludes his term of office.

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Indeed, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy has criticized the Executive for failing to act on energy price rises. “We have this policy vacuum as people worry, fret and struggle to deal with this crisis,” he has said.

“There is a lot we need to do, but at the moment what we have is bickering in the Conservative party, a race to the bottom between candidates, an absentee prime minister who is nowhere to be found (…) This needs a quick response from the government and it needs a response now,” he has zanelled.

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