Joe Rogan speaks out to defend Barbie movie

Joe Rogan recently spoke out *checks notes* in defense of the Barbie movie. I didn’t see that one coming, but it seems Rogan has felt the Kenergy well and truly.

In the latest episode of his podcast, where Post Malone appeared as a guest, the conversation drifted to Barbie, where Rogan talked about how he couldn’t believe how much backlash there was from some men.

“It was a fun, silly movie – I laughed,” he said. he said. “But at the end I thought, ‘How did people get outraged about that?’ “

Other well-known commentators such as Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan have spoken out against the film, although no one really seems able to put forward any argument except that it is “anti-male,” something Rogan strenuously disputes.

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“Are we going to do this where we put all the people as men? It’s one category? We’re not going to judge people as individuals, are we? I don’t understand why people think that represents all people. It’s a fun movie, man…. I’m appalled at how easily outraged so many people are.”

Strong words, Joe. We can imagine he’s been asking Jamie to put the clip of Ryan Gosling singing I’m Just Ken on repeat for a while now. Do you agree with Joe Rogan, or criticize Barbie?


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