The 5 most important innovations at a glance

What distinguishes the Galaxy Watch 6 from its predecessor?

What distinguishes the Galaxy Watch 6 from its predecessor?

Yesterday Samsung officially presented its latest smart watch series: the Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic). Of course, the two models also bring a number of innovations with them that are intended to distinguish them from the previous generation.

But the important question is: Is it worth upgrading to the current models? Shouldn’t you rather go for the previous generation when buying a new one? After all, there are some for more than 100 euros less.

For those who are about to make a purchase decision – or are simply interested in the technical changes between the models – we have therefore summarized the 5 most important differences between the Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) and 6 (Classic).

The most important differences at a glance:

  1. Better screen
  2. One UI Watch 5 zum Release
  3. One Click Bracelets
  4. Better hardware
  5. Higher price

1. Better screen

With the Galaxy Watch 6, the overall size of the smart watch remains the same. Nevertheless, you now get more display.

Thinner bezel: Samsung makes the larger display of the new watch possible by significantly reducing the bezel, i.e. the border of the display.

You have saved a whole 30 percent with the standard model compared to the Galaxy Watch 5 and at least 15 percent with the Watch 6 Classic compared to the Watch 5 Pro.

More displays: The Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) has a larger display diagonal due to the thinner bezel. This increases from 1.19 inches to 1.3 inches in the small models (40 mm, 43 mm) and from 1.36 inches to 1.5 inches in the large models (44 mm, 47 mm).

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Higher resolution: At the same time, Samsung has increased the resolution of the smart watch. The small models have increased from 396 x 396 to 432 x 432 pixels. For the larger models, it’s an increase from 450 x 450 to 480 x 480 pixels.

However, the pixel density remains unaffected and is still 470 ppi.

Available now: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

2. One UI Watch 5 zum Release

With the Galaxy Watch 6, Samsung also showed One UI Watch 5. The new smart watch is said to have the latest version of Samsung’s watch operating system, based on Wear OS 4, right from the start.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is also expected to receive an update to the fifth version sooner rather than later, but is currently still running with One UI Watch 4.

Highlights of the update include:

  • New functions for emergency situations, such as irregular heartbeats
  • Personalized training instructions based on heart rate
  • Better routing
  • An optimization of sleep management

3. One Click Bracelets

Changing straps just got easier with the Galaxy Watch 6. Because Samsung has introduced a quick-change system. The strap can be quickly removed from the socket at the push of a button. This is attached to the back of the bracelet itself.

However, the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 also benefit from this innovation, because bracelets equipped with the button can also be used with the older watches.

4. Better hardware

The Galaxy Watch 6 hardware changes don’t move mountains. Overall, however, they are worth mentioning. Because Samsung has drilled out both the chip and the RAM and battery.

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New chip: Instead of the Exynos W920, the Galaxy Watch 6 now uses its successor in the form of the Exynos W930.

More memory: Samsung increases the RAM of the smart watch with the new models from 1.5 GB to 2 GB.

Battery Changes: With the Galaxy Watch 6, the battery capacity increases from 284 mAh to 300 mAh for the small 40 mm model. The capacity of the large 44 mm model increases from 410 mAh to 425 mAh.

The Watch 6 Classic, on the other hand, even has to live with a smaller battery compared to the Watch 5 Pro. Because the new watch also gets 300 mAh or 425 mAh depending on the size – the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, however, could come up with an unbeatable 590 mAh.

5. Higher price

Samsung is also raising the RRP for its new smart watches. Depending on the model, 319 to 499 euros are due. If you trade in an old Samsung watch, you get a credit of up to 150 euros. There is also a pre-order discount of 50 euros, which increases to 75 euros when you trade it in.

The previous model started at 299 euros for 20 euros less. However, the most expensive model of the Pro version was also a bit more expensive at 519 euros.

At the time of publication of the article, the models of the Watch 5 series are available between 188 and 354 euros.

how do you see it? With the Galaxy Watch 6, has Samsung improved on what the Watch 5 already did well in a small but meaningful way? Or are the new smart watches a technological standstill, sold as a major innovation? And do the improvements justify the price increase? Which Smart Watch do you personally have in mind? Tell us in the comments!

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