Israel carries out aerial maneuvers simulating bombings against nuclear facilities in Iran

MADRID, June 1 (Royals Blue) –

Israeli Air Force planes have carried out a series of aerial maneuvers over the Mediterranean Sea in recent hours in which they have simulated bombings against nuclear facilities in Iran, within the framework of increased tensions in the absence of an agreement to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Dozens of combat aircraft have carried out maneuvers in the Mediterranean to practice long-range attacks,” the Army said through its Twitter account, before adding that “they simulated long-range flights and attacks on depth, including in-flight refueling”.

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“The maneuvers have been carried out during the ‘Chariots of Fire’ exercise, as part of the acceleration of the readiness for near and distant war scenarios,” he said. According to the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’, these maneuvers involve the simulation of attacks against the aforementioned targets.

The head of the Israeli Army, Aviv Kohavi, announced in early 2021 that he had ordered the Armed Forces to start preparing plans for possible attacks against Iran, after which he stressed in September that preparations for the program had been “accelerated”. Iranian nuclear.

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Iranian authorities have accused Israel of being behind several sabotages at various nuclear facilities and even of assassinating Mohsen Fajrizadé, considered the director of Iran’s nuclear program, in November 2020.

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