Israel and U.S. agree to “never” allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons

Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid and U.S. President Joe Biden will sign this Thursday an agreement that includes a commitment to never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, as well as to confront its “destabilizing activities”, in relation to Iranian threats to the Hebrew State.

The statement, which has been described by both sides as “very significant,” will put on record Israel’s and the United States’ continued support for the Israeli defense memorandum signed in 2016, reaffirming the “unbreakable ties” between the two states, the White House detailed in a statement.

On Thursday morning, the Israeli and U.S. leaders will announce a new strategic dialogue on technology designed to elevate cooperation between the two countries in four “key fields”: technology for the future, such as pandemic preparedness; climate technology, to alleviate the climate crisis; artificial technology; and other trusted technology ecosystems.

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“Israel, as you know, has such an innovative and remarkable technology sector, as do we (the United States). And we want their tech sector to be connected to ours and to look westward as we look to build the tech apparatus of the future,” a senior U.S. official has detailed.

“The statement will emphasize support for the Abraham Accords and expanding Israel’s integration in the region (…) And it will reiterate our shared concerns about a range of global challenges, from food security to the situation in Ukraine and, of course, support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added.

The United States has stressed that this “is an important time to be in the Middle East,” asserting that, “of all the global challenges and crises, very few, if any, actually emanate from the region.”

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Biden began a tour of the Middle East on Wednesday that will take him for the first time since he took office to Israel and the West Bank, where he plans to reiterate his “strong support” for a two-state solution to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and will also include a stop in Saudi Arabia.

In remarks from the tarmac, the U.S. president stressed that “it is an honor to once again be with friends and visit the independent, Jewish state of Israel” and stressed that bilateral relations “are deeper and stronger than ever.” “With this visit we are further strengthening our connections,” he has affirmed.


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