If you give away your Netflix password, you’ll pay extra: when the “penalty” comes into effect

Netflix doesn’t want to let you give your password “through the neighbors” anymore and promises to charge you for it. It’ll do that soon enough.

Basically, password sharing will become something you won’t want to do again, not without paying for it.

Netflix won’t be as permissive as before

Clearly, Netflix is trying to make up for the money it has lost in the last six months.

To understand the context, recall that the giant has lost an enormous amount of subscribers, and this loss is the biggest in the roughly ten years it has been operating in the market.

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The company announced Tuesday during its quarterly earnings call that it will charge customers an additional monthly fee for people who share their login data with others, and will do so starting in the early months of 2023.

The move is an expansion of a pilot program currently underway in Latin America and involves charging additional fees for “additional user” subaccounts – people who don’t live with you but use your login data. Each “Who’s watching?” entry will cost you extra money if the people logging into Netflix don’t live with you.

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Netflix hasn’t announced prices for punitive fees yet, though if it follows the “quarter off base rate” scheme of the pilot program, it should come to about $3-4.

For those who want to avoid those fees, Netflix on Monday unveiled an account migration tool that will transfer a user’s sub-account data, complete with viewing history, recommendations and the like, to the new standalone subscription.

In addition, Netflix announced that you’ll still have the opportunity to pay less to watch their movies and series, but you won’t like that option since it forces you to watch ads to make up for the reduced subscription costs. This new subscription will launch on November 3 and will cost $7.

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