Hyundai invests in the future: Ioniq 5 2023 model

Hyundai is updating its all-electric Ioniq 5 crossover with a larger battery pack, along with additional equipment.

Ioniq 5 2023 wins a new larger battery pack and a range of safety and handling updates

Introduced for the 2023 model year, the new 77.4 kWh battery is the same as the one used in the sister model, Kia EV6, and larger than the current 73 kWh battery. Electric range, along with the price, have not yet been announced, but Kia has a range of up to 500 kilometers.

The current 73 kWh package of the Ioniq 5 is available in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The all-wheel drive version has an additional engine mounted on the front axle, which offers 306 hp and a range of 780 kilometers. The two-wheel drive version has a range of 480 kilometers.

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The new larger battery will be sold along with the 58 kWh entry-level package, which is currently paired with a 170 hp engine and offers a range of up to 240 miles.

Thanks to the architecture of the 800 V battery of the Ioniq 5, it can be charged with up to 220 kW at an ultra-fast DC charging station – going from 10-80% in less than 18 minutes.

Equipment updates for the new model year will make the Ioniq 5 available with digital video-based interior and exterior mirrors, bringing improved visibility.

These include a Digital Center Mirror system, installed under the rear spoiler and allowing a panoramic view of the car from the rear.

A broken model from SF movies

Hyundai’s digital side mirrors (DSM), already available for Korean Ioniq 5 models, will now debut in Europe. They reduce air resistance while providing improved rear view, even in bad weather.

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A new battery conditioning feature will be launched and will allow the Ioniq 5 to automatically adjust its battery temperature while traveling. This will ensure optimal loading conditions when you reach the loading point, improving the actual loading performance in hot or cold conditions. It is activated automatically when a charging point is programmed in satellite navigation.

Also new is the Intelligent Frequency Shock Absorber (SFD), designed to improve the rear axle suspension response to increase ride comfort and improve both body control and handling.

The model year 2023 Ioniq 5 will be available for order from the end of spring. Final prices and specifications will be confirmed as soon as it arrives.

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