OpenAI prepares ChatGPT Professional, the counter-cost version of conversational AI

OpenAI’s ChatGPT was probably the most important technology of 2022, second only to other uses of AI, such as DALL-E (also from OpenAI), or Midjourney. Conversational AI that can conduct near-human-level conversations and generate responses in the form of articles, lyrics, script, code, or whatever else users demand, will also get a “professional” version for a fee, in addition to the current free version that will continue to be available.

ChatGPT Professional will offer unlimited access to those who pay

OpenAI calls this version ChatGPT Professional and wants to give users more capabilities that it cannot now offer for free. First, ChatGPT in the paid version could be available all the time, with no times when the service might be unavailable. Currently, as ChatGPT is a work in progress, the service may be temporarily down.

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Then the responses would come much faster. Depending on the real-time congestion of the servers, ChatGPT may limit the processing speed for each individual user, so some responses may come in slower. The professional edition would have no such limitations, being hosted on priority servers. Lastly, the limit on the number of daily responses ChatGPT can provide to each “pro” user would be raised. The limit would reportedly be increased by at least twice the current limit.

chatgpt professional

ChatGPT users can already sign up to participate in the ChatGPT Professional pilot program. This list does not guarantee access, and each subscription will be on an individual basis. There is no price list now, and OpenAI will probably try to test by direct negotiation what price users would be willing to pay for such a service.

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