How big will the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro be, the answer to the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Garmin models. PHOTO

Over the past few days, in anticipation of Apple’s launch event, several images have surfaced on the internet in which we can see what appears to be the design of the next generation Apple Watch. While the “standard” Series 8 models won’t be fundamentally different from last year’s Series 7 models, both in terms of design and performance on offer, a new “Series 8 Pro” model could be announced at the event tomorrow, September 7, with a new design and significantly larger screen.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could come with a significantly larger body

All the images lately reveal that the new Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could significantly change the shape of Apple Watches. As well as the increased size, at 49mm, bringing a much larger screen, it looks like the watch will also grow on the sides, with the right button and digital crown protruding slightly from the watch body. Another novelty would be a new side button on the opposite side, the function of which we don’t yet know.

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Over the past couple of years, there have been rumors of a new “rugged” Apple Watch, dedicated to those who want a watch with better battery life than the one-day battery life the standard model promises, but also to those who want a more rugged watch dedicated to hiking or extreme sports.

The new images come from accessory manufacturers, who already have 3D plans of the watch to have cases or straps for the new models available on the market. It looks like all Series 7 accessories will also be compatible with the Series 8, in the same 45mm and 41mm sizes, but the new Series 8 Pro will get dedicated accessories. The larger sizes will probably also lead to a new line of watch straps, as the 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45 straps from before won’t fit the new model.

This Apple Watch model will most likely compete with watches from Garmin as well as the new Galaxy Watch5 Pro, which is headed in the same direction in the market by Samsung.

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