HBO Max has “changed its face”: what the streaming platform now looks like

Warner Bros. Discovery has released an update to HBO Max, which comes with a new design and several optimizations.

As a result, the streaming service’s apps are now at a better working level. Aside from the content, the biggest problem for HBO subscribers, even before the launch of HBO Max, was the apps, with design and functionality issues that were slow moving and contained many bugs.

Changes to HBO Max, in terms of interface

Then, when HBO Max was released, instead of developing a new app from scratch, the company preferred to improve the old app. This solved some problems, but created others. As a result, users were not happy.

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Now, however, the Hbo Max apps for Android, iOS and desktop, have a new design. So the interface is more intuitive, the app moves much faster, and a number of missing features have been added.

These features include a dedicated downloads page, split-screen support, Share Play and a random play button for content.

The company began the transition last September, prior to the closing of WarnerMedia’s Discovery acquisition earlier this year. Initially, the streaming service’s enhanced apps came to Roku, PlayStation and other connected TV devices, launching on Apple TV this spring, Variety writes.

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In about a year, however, users of the streaming platform will witness another huge change. Warner Bros. Discovery said last week that it will integrate Hbo Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming service – starting next summer in the US. WBD’s head of streaming, JP Perrette, acknowledged that HBO Max had “performance and customer issues.” He told analysts that the combined HBO Max-Discovery+ will adopt the rich Hbo Max feature set with the streaming infrastructure that powers Discovery+.

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