How to know if someone is using your Netflix account: the change that helps you “clean up”

Without realising it, your Netflix account might be being used by more users than you think, and from now on, there’s a simple and effective solution to clean up among logged-in devices.

Maybe you went to visit a friend and logged in with your Netflix account on their TV to watch a movie. Maybe you gave your password one night to a cousin who asked you to watch the latest season of Stranger Things. Maybe you stayed logged in on a tablet or TV you’ve since sold. Either way, the scenarios of strangers using your Netflix account are manifold, even if they don’t necessarily know your password. Because making an obsession out of changing your password at regular intervals isn’t necessarily a smart solution, the creators of the streaming service

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netflix streaming

Netflix account a little more secure from now on

From now on, in your Netflix account, you’ll see devices that are authenticated with your username and password. You’ll see the approximate location of those devices, when the last viewing took place, and from which account. If you identify anything extraneous in that list illustrated in the screenshot above, you can click Sign Out to log out of your account and, if you think someone has found out your password, you can change it.

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To access these account settings, go here, log in if you’re not already, and go to the “Manage Access and Devices” section. Choose the device you want to stop being connected to your account and choose Sign Out next to it. In the past, the only option Netflix gave you, from the same spectrum, was to sign out of all the devices you’re connected to with your account in one shot, but this crude option isn’t great for most users. In any case, given that Netflix is going to start charging extra for people who share their personal account with various people, the intention is laudable, and in the end it might save you some extra costs.

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