GoTech World 2022, the largest IT & Digital event in Central and Eastern Europe, starts

Area Exhibition brings together 84 between those May important companies EN, developers web and agencies from communicate online, vendors and users important from domain. At stands their, arranged in Pavilion B1 Romexpo, visitors will early information and will head May us projects and solutions dedicated sector of business. From also, will have place demos Live, some between products and services presented being launched in premiere.

Participation at GoTech World is made on base a ticket from access ce maybe fi purchased directly from

In function from benefits that the receives a participant, exists three categories from tickets: Standard Pass 109 EUR, Content Pass 279 EUR, VIP Pass 349 EUR.

Speakeri from renameon stage main a GoTech World

Cele two days ale event from Romexpo vor fi marked from participation some speakers renowned at level internationalwhich will share public from experiences their as managers in companies from scopewhich have changed world via innovations their and via ideas that we promotes.

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One between these speakers is and Nick Rosa – Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe, Accenture, who on 3 November, from now 17.15 va claims session entitled Understanding the Metaverse. In at its, se goes make a introduction comprehensive for understanding Metaverse and it will put emphasis on ideas on main sale component experiential and layers technological, which ce is real and what nu is real, implications ethical and ce is very important both for interactions with customers, while and for transformation a companies.

Nick Rosa this a designer with experience and specialist in transformation digital, which has worked previous for companies renowned, ca: Google, Spotify, IBM IX, Yahoo! and Atari. In present, the face part from group by business Metaverse Continuum al company Accenture, where is leader strategy Metaverse for Europe and Asia-Pacific. Nick is, from also, president of the board British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) for Immersive Technologies. The owns and function Director of the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), a entity non-profit producing awards annual VR (Virtual Reality). The first book of him Nick “The deal metaverse: a guide from business and ethics” a was published and distributed in entire world by publisher Wiley, on 24 October 2022.

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Ballerina physicistwho dances with robots

The GoTech World va be speaker on stage main (Main Stage) a between those May interesting figures ale worlds scientific and artistic, Dr. Merrit Moore, named and ballerina quantum (quantum ballerina).

Merritt this ballerina professional, by waist world, but and physicist with specialization in physics quantum. Ea become famous in latest years, with precause in period pandemic, via designing and making from choreographies with robots industrialists. Representations its unique, this combine art and technology robotics, au was featured in the prestigious publications TIME, Financial Times, BBC and Vogue.

Merritt Moore absolved magna cum laude faculty from physics from Harvard and a PhD in physics atomic and laser at University Oxford. From also, has a impressive career as ballerina, ea activating in companies international renowned from ballet from: Zurich, Boston, Sea Great Britain and Norway.

Dr. Merritt Moore va face knowledge with the public in Romania from posture by speaker star at GoTech World, Friday, 4 November, hours 10:45, on the Main Stage, shown by Orange Business Services.

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