Nothing, Forever: an AI-generated real-time parody of Seinfeld on Twitch

With the rise in popularity of AI technologies, the first truly different creations from anything we’ve seen in the past are beginning to appear. For example, on the streaming platform Twitch, a series is now being broadcast using multiple AI technologies working simultaneously. It’s called “Nothing, Forever” and is a parody of the comedy show “Seinfeld”. The most interesting feature, however, is that the AI generates new content for Nothing, Forever non-stop, making every second of the show completely unique.

Nothing, Forever is an AI-generated infinite series that airs on Twitch

Nothing, Forever has already been running for a few days on Twitch and looks like it will continue for a long time to come. It probably won’t run in perpetuity, as at some point it will surely be stopped, but for now it’s being made using ChatGPT to write conversations between characters and another AI to turn them into voices. So, you now have a weak Seinfeld clone available at the click of a button, on the internet.

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Of course, the character names have been changed, but the action still takes place in New York City, mainly in the apartment of “Larry”, the AI-generated version of Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine, George, and Kramer also appear, in alternate versions, all of whom are gifted with rather robotic voices and dry lines without much humor.

nothing forever you

Incidentally, the graphic layout of the “series” is also extremely rudimentary, being made with 3D graphics in the style of the early 1990s, before the invention of 3D graphics accelerators.

According to Motherboard, the project had been around for several years in one form or another, but generative AI helped shape the final version of it. Aside from the graphics and audience “laughs,” everything from the dialogue and voices (which would seem to be the easiest to do with AI) to the direction, character movements, and background music is fully generated.

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Fans of the show on Twitch have also begun to create a mythology around the show, monitoring the content that scrolls across the screen and noting important lines that could shape the rules of the universe in which it takes place.

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