Sharon Stone reveals she has cancer after seeking “second opinion” on misdiagnosis

The cancer and, in general, all diseases, do not usually make distinctions based on social status or how well known one is. And that is the case with Sharon Stonewho, more than 20 years ago – in 2001 – suffered a stroke that nearly killed her and caused her to forget how to walk, talk, read or write. “I had only a 5% chance of surviving that. My whole life disappeared from my mind completely,” the movie star has said on several occasions.

Now, the actress of the cross-legged the world’s most famous and most imitated has announced that he has cancer, a tumor that needs to be operated on and removed.

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In addition, the star of ‘Basic Instinct’, 64, has explained that it has been detected after asking for a second opinion. Stone has undergone an operation she shouldn’t have after “another misdiagnosis and an incorrect procedure,” she said.

Second opinion

“With the pain getting worse, I asked for a second opinion,” he explains. “I got a large fibroid tumor which must be removed.” And he asks “women in particular” to always seek “a second opinion. It can save your life.”

“I will be inactive for 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover,” ends Sharon Stone, who last June said she had suffered nine miscarriages in her lifetime. “Thank you for your attention. Everything is fine,” she concludes.

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