Google Pixel Watch now calls emergency services if you’ve had a bad fall -.

Smart watches these days come with all sorts of extra features. From counting your steps to making sure you get a good night’s sleep, they can be quite helpful in everyday life. Now the Google Pixel Watch even lends a hand if you’ve had a bad fall.

Implemented on Google Pixel Watch devices, the fall detection feature uses motion sensors combined with machine learning to tell you when you’ve had a particularly bad accident. It then gives you 30 seconds to respond before calling emergency services.

In those 30 seconds, you tap one of two options on the Google Pixel Watch. One informs the watch that you are fine even though you have fallen, while the other gets you in touch with emergency services faster.

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While this is certainly not a new idea, and the latest Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches already include some sort of fall detection, it still puts the Google Pixel Watch ahead of another Google smart watch in the Fitbit, which is gradually lagging behind in terms of features.

Google Pixel Watch’s fall detection system relies on a network connection to work, so make sure to stand your ground if you’re hiking in the wilderness, for example.

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Google Pixel Watch now calls emergency services if you've had a bad fall

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