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Google adds “radio” selections to YouTube Music playlists


YouTube Music subscribers will have an extra reason to search for their favorite songs on the platform managed by Google, the system of automatic playlists including recommended “radio stations”, chosen based on previously observed listening preferences.

Especially for users trying to discover new artists and generally new content to listen to, automatic playlists are already the lifeline. Self-complete with even a few songs you’ve searched for directly, “smart” playlists can help you discover new songs from your favorite artists, as well as new artists that might suit your musical tastes. .

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Added to the home screen, the new Recommended radios section displays a selection of 10 radio stations that change each time you refresh the content feed. Each selection is illustrated with a self-generated cover image, illustrating up to three artists whose songs you can find in the listening program. The name of each radio station is determined by the artist, band or generic of the music being played, along with the decade in which the music appeared.

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In case there was any doubt, the so-called radio stations are in fact playlists in disguise, which once accessed show a list of songs that you can listen to in the default order, or on request. The only difference is that on the PC the playback starts automatically, and on the smartphone you have to use the Play button first.

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For now, the new playback option is available to a small number of users in the test group, and Google will be launching this feature for all YouTube Music users in the near future.

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