Google Messages will use artificial intelligence to suggest auto-generated replies to text messages

Like the Gmail app, Google Messages will use generative AI technologies to assist users responding to incoming messages. More than just an algorithm that predicts the next word or phrase, the feature based on Google Bard technologies will be able to revise and expand your message to generate full messages that you just send to the recipient.

Discovered in the Google Messages beta, the as-yet-dormant functionality is identified with a button bearing the Bard logo, Google’s recently announced ChatGPT alternative.

According to clues extracted from the app’s code, the new AI reply feature could have multiple modes of use. For example, you could use the new button to auto-suggest a reply, generated by analyzing previous message exchanges, and still send it after reading it and applying any corrections. Alternatively, you could use Bard and LaMDA technologies to turn a response of a few words into much better-worded sentences, generating complex messages with just a few actual typed words.

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Although, it’s possible that the option to auto-send AI-generated replies will be added in the future, for now, the new Google Messages feature will be limited to generating message suggestions, with the user deciding whether or not to send it.

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