What cars do Romanians want: how many dream of electric, but hybrid

The latest report published by the European Investment Bank shows what Romanians prefer in terms of vehicles.

When asked what kind of car they will buy in the future, 81% of Romanians answer either a hybrid car or an electric one. This percentage is 62 points higher than the percentage of Romanians who say they would buy a gasoline or diesel vehicle. Specifically, 45% would buy a hybrid vehicle and 36% would choose an electric one.

Meanwhile, 14% of the total population said they do not own a vehicle now and do not intend to buy one.

Given that 81% of Romanian car buyers say they would choose a hybrid or electric vehicle, Romanians seem more inclined to switch to new technologies in terms of cars compared to the Eastern European average of 71%.

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Romanians know what type of vehicle they want

In other words, Romanians seem more inclined to choose hybrid vehicles, with 45% of car buyers declaring that their next car will have this type of engine. Moreover, they seem more inclined to buy a hybrid car than Eastern Europeans.

In terms of electric cars, only 36% of Romanian car buyers seem less inclined to opt for this type of vehicle, just like Bulgarians. Meanwhile, Eastern Europeans seem to find electric cars more attractive than Romanians.

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In general, European car buyers tend to prefer hybrid vehicles, with a percentage of 39%, while petrol or diesel vehicles rank second with 33% and electric cars with third place with only 28%, declaring that he would buy an electric car. While Chinese car buyers are most inclined to buy an electric car, Americans would first choose a hybrid vehicle, then a gasoline or diesel vehicle, and ultimately an electric car.

The raw data for all 30 countries surveyed can be accessed here.

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