These are our 30 favorite technology gifts for Christmas 2023

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The first adjectives that come to mind when thinking about Christmas should actually be contemplative, familiar, cozy and simply beautiful. Unfortunately, the answer that comes to mind first for many people is often stressful.

There are many reasons for this, but one important one is the pressure you put on yourself in advance when looking for gifts for your loved ones. Lists from the Internet that provide you with gift ideas can help.

But let’s be honest: These lists are often nothing more than a quick sale without actually making any exciting suggestions. As a tech editor, we want to combat this, so I peppered my colleagues with questions for weeks to find what they thought were the best tech gifts that we would feel comfortable giving to our favorite nerds and geeks.

Alana Friedrichs

This year, Alana is only giving away home-made things such as chocolates, pickles or chutneys – except for her little brother, because she has a reputation as cool big sister don’t want to lose her. In the past, she has also given away tech instead of DIY – from this list, for example, the tool set from iFixit, a Yubikey and the Pomodoro timer.

To provide an overview, we have divided our tech gift ideas into three categories: smaller tech gifts up to 50 euros, tech gifts up to 100 euros and larger tech gifts over 100 euros.

Affiliate links in the article: If you haven’t deactivated it under My GameStar Plus, you will also find affiliate links to various manufacturers in this article. They are intended as a service to quickly guide you to where you can buy the recommended product at the cheapest price we were able to find when creating the article. And if you buy the product via the link, we will also earn a little something from it.

However, if you find a product in a well-stocked technology store around the corner, feel free to order there instead of in the online shop – or feel free to look for an even cheaper alternative yourself. After all, the offers are constantly changing.

Smaller tech gifts up to 50 euros

1. True Utility Key Tool

The tool is a small shape made of stainless steel that you can attach to your key chain and then pull over the key. The big advantage: In this form, the tool offers a lot of what you would otherwise find in a full-fledged pocket knife, but only takes up a small part of the space.

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The key tool can be used to open bottles or file nails. The tool also proves itself as a screwdriver or tweezers. It can be found at larger trading platforms or DIY stores.

Many thanks to gambit78, who brought this great gift at a low price to our attention in the comments.

2. Mathematics Wall Clock with Formulas

A gift for anyone who has something to do with numbers and formulas at work or simply enjoys puzzles. Instead of the usual one to twelve equations, a mathematics wall clock uses equations that, when resolved, give the respective time.

Appropriate watches are suitable for young people and adults who can also solve the formulas shown. Anyone who can read the clock should be able to predict the result beforehand.

3. Complex Kugellabyrinthe

The Perplexus ball mazes from Spin Master Games are a classic puzzle that challenges children aged 8 and up. Within the 3D mazes, a ball must be guided over obstacles to the goal. This not only requires a lot of brains, but also some skill.

In our opinion, the Perplexus Beast offers the best introduction to the labyrinths. But the manufacturer has other versions on offer that feature more and alternative obstacles.

And of course it’s not just children who have fun with the 3D puzzle. Even adults who are young at heart can keep themselves entertained for a long time.

4. Procreate Dreams

Apple’s iPad is one of the most popular ways to draw or paint digitally, especially for creative people. Using the Procreate Dreams app, (aspiring) artists can bring their drawings to life. The animation app is designed for touch operation and allows you to create both 2D animations and 3D videos.

Although Dreams is not as extensive as professional alternatives, Procreate Dreams does not require a subscription. Instead, a comparatively cheap one-off amount is charged.

Combined with its easy operation, Procreate Dreams is a first step for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of animation for the first time after drawing.

5. High quality wristbands for smart watches

Do you know someone who no longer leaves the house without a smartwatch, but still relies on a standard model from the manufacturer? Give them a fashion upgrade.

There are now a number of manufacturers of more luxurious bracelets. Some well-known names in the German-speaking world with great designs include Burkley, Hirsch The Bracelet, Manufakturwerk and Vild.

Although manufacturers also offer models made of genuine leather that cost several hundred euros, you can often find cheaper versions for just 20 euros.

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Many people took care of their own Tamagotchi in the 90s – or criminally neglected their virtual pet. Over the summer, the company behind the toy re-released the Tamagotchi. This makes the small electronic egg ideal for anyone who wants to give the gift of a little journey back in time to the last millennium at Christmas – or to make it clear to their children what was so special about the handful of pixels.

The Tamagotchi wants to be kept healthy, trained and fed. You can also play a number of games with the little animal. The retro toy can currently be found in various designs in a number of online shops.

7. Tetris Retro LED-Lampe

No decent tech gift guide should be without it: the legendary Tetris lamp. Like the game itself, it has now become a real classic.

The LED lamp consists of several blocks, like those known from Tetris itself. These can be freely inserted into one another. The big advantage: Unlike in the game, the lamp blocks don’t disappear when you fill a complete row. You can also combine several lamps to create a huge Tetris block.

Lamps in this form are offered by a number of different manufacturers – so they should be easy to find on larger online marketplaces.

8. Labeldrucker

At first glance, a label printer may not seem like a great gift – but it is extremely practical. If you know a person who cans tons of jam every year, labels every cable at their desk, or is otherwise constantly scribbling labels, this is the gift for them.

Of course, you can spend a lot of money on a professional label printer. For private use, a small, pocket-sized printer will generally do the trick. In this range of label printers there are products from two manufacturers: Brother and Phonemo. But there are also a number of brands for home use.

9. Pomodoro-Timer

These little cubes are physical Pomodoro timers. The Pomodoro method is a popular technique for ensuring a good balance between performance and rest: after 25 minutes of focused work, there is a 5-minute break in which you treat yourself to something small. Then it starts again from the beginning.

Although the Pomodoro method can also be implemented with apps or normal alarm clocks, a physical Pomodoro timer is always present on the desk and also looks great at the same time.

The timer is the perfect gift for productivity fans, but also for anyone who has difficulty starting or stopping.

10. Yubikey 5 NFC

What initially looks like a strange USB stick is one of the easiest ways to secure sensitive data and access. The Yubikey serves as a replacement or supplement to regular passwords or biometric login data. Once you’ve set them up, you can only access apps and accounts if you also have the physical Yubikey.

The Yubikey can be connected to the PC either via USB-A or C port or via NFC. Since it fits on any key ring, you always have it with you and protect yourself against unauthorized access.

Thanks to its durable materials, the Yubikey is water and impact protected and therefore won’t break in everyday life.

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