This is why so many young Americans adopt British accents –

Wherever you live (unless that’s America, of course), you’ll probably have noticed that some Americanisms are being adopted by today’s youth. Often TikTok and other social media will have kids saying garbage instead of trash, sidewalk instead of curb and other nonsense that makes an English teacher’s ears bleed.

But apparently it goes the other way too. Recently, The Guardian spoke with 26-year-old Kyra Green, who stated that when her nerves began to act up at an airport, she began speaking in a British accent. It is not just Green who will randomly adopt the dialect of a cockney-geezer or Yorkshire native, and apparently it has become quite a trend in the U.S. to randomly say a word or phrase in a British accent.

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According to Green, this penchant for the accent took over because of the popularity of the reality TV show Love Island in the US. They have their own version there, but the original is still hailed as the trashiest of trash.

“[Love Island] blew the accent the fuck up”, Green said. “Everyone was obsessed with their cute little sayings, like ‘doing bits.'”

Apparently it is also something Americans do when they feel uncomfortable. However it’s explained, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it, but it’s still an interesting development in today’s youth.

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This is why so many young Americans adopt British accents

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