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The Esperit Sant de Santa Coloma Hospital launches a state-of-the-art CT scan

  • The new device provides “extraordinary” quality images in “record time”

The Diagnostic Imaging Service of the Esperit Sant Hospital Foundation (FHES) of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelonès) launches a CT (computed tomography) of the latest generation, which allows “much faster” studies and explorations, with the consequent decrease in irradiation to the patientas well as obtaining “extraordinary” quality images.

The CT is an X-ray tube that rotates around the patient’s body and the new device at the Esperit Sant Hospital is equipped “with the latest technology developed for this type of device”, according to the FHES. With the new high spatial resolution CT, “high quality” imagesso the diagnosis of the pathology is “very precise”, they add.

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CT shows very clearly different types of tissue – lungs, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. In this way, it allows diagnose problems such as vascular diseases, infections, trauma, musculoskeletal disorders and cancer, as well as monitor and plan the type of medical or surgical treatment and its response.

This substitution is part of the renovation process of some technological equipment that the Fundació Hospital Esperit Sant has launched through the Specific support program for technological renewal (PERT).

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