Find My Device copies what makes Apple AirTags so powerful

(What: Google)

(What: Google)

You know the problem: where is my mobile phone, my smartwatch or another technical device? A location function is a great help. But what if the missing device is offline – Android users have been in a fix so far.

As part of the recent Google developer conference Google I/O, new functions of the Android function Find My Devicewith us Find my device called, presented. Google is working on offline devices too Find My Device to make discoverable. This is currently only possible for Internet-enabled tech devices.

We already reported rumors about this last week:

Google I/O: Apple’s AirTag should have serious competition

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Thanks to radio technologies, offline devices can be found

Google doesn’t just have one at the Google I/O revised user interface von Find My Device presented. Also in the pipeline is a function that will Devices can be found without an internet connection. Google uses the network of one billion Android devices, according to Computerbase.

However, the technology behind it is anything but new: The use of radio technologies such as Bluetooth to locate devices without an Internet connection is already being used Apples AirTags, which also “ping” other devices in order to be able to determine the location. Such a function will also be available to Google in the future Find My Device install.

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Security through end-to-end encryption

The new Find My Device will use end-to-end encryption to prevent third-party users from locating their own devices. Further details on the security of the revised Find My Device are to follow over the course of the summer.

Do you sometimes lose your technical devices and then use a location function? Or don’t you think so because you don’t want to be tracked? What do you think about the new one in general? Find My Device? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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