Check out these water guns designed to pack a serious punch –

These days, many toys are actually aimed at an adult audience. Take a look at the incredibly expensive Lego sets you can buy and you’ll see what we mean. But it’s not just Lego where toys are aimed at consumers with a large portion of spare income, as we found some incredibly powerful water guns designed for adult use.

Whether you want to up your game in water fights, or just explode that annoying neighbor who keeps taking up your street parking space, these blasters will have you covered. Spyra’s latest water gun, for example, shoots shot-glass-sized water bullets at targets up to 50 feet away and automatically reloads when low. With a tactical display that makes it look like a Halo gun, you won’t be at a tactical disadvantage with this bad boy.

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Like the SpyraThree, Xiaomi’s Mijia Pulse can also shoot your enemies from long distances, but it offers a sleeker, more futuristic design, with LED lights that follow the water in the gun until it flies out.

Check out the SpyraThree here , the Mijia Pulse here and thanks to Wired.

Check out these water guns designed to pack a serious punch

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