Young woman filmed naked while breastfeeding. The unexpected device used by the hacker

A young German mother of a 1-year-old believes she was secretly filmed while she was walking around the house naked after a shower and breastfeeding her baby. The device used by the hacker was a baby monitor.

Victoria Mikhailenko, 25, heard a man talking and moaning when she opened the baby monitor camera app. At that moment, the young woman realised that someone had surreptitiously connected to the monitoring device.

Baby monitor camera used by Victoria Mikhailenko.

The model used by the woman, who is a former Miss Thuringia, was the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera. She went to check the device’s settings after she heard her baby girl crying one day, but the device didn’t alert her via the dedicated app.

Immediately after hearing the male voice, Victoria Mikhailenko turned off the device and alerted the police. The young woman posted a video clip on social media in which she can apparently hear the voice of the man who compromised the system.

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Mikhailenko is certain the hacker obtained compromising images of her because she says she often walked naked past the device after getting out of the shower.

The woman also contacted the device’s manufacturer, in Taiwan, who denied any vulnerabilities. The company suggested she change the password to the Wi-Fi network on the grounds that it was weak. Moreover, the company’s representatives asked her to retract her accusations.

The young woman, who is quite popular on social media, received the device from the manufacturer in exchange for online promotional services.

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According to experts, a hacker can quite easily access baby monitor devices, most of which have weak security.

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