Fake emergency room doctor arrested in Madrid who was also a minor

The National Police has arrested in the Madrid town of Móstoles a minor who pretended to be an emergency doctor and assisted sick people in their homes, and even hired an ambulance service with which he went to home calls..

The minor was calling emergency services, identifying himself as. physicianto ask if there were any urgent notices and was taking care of it.

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In addition to home care, this individual transferred a sick person to a health center, where he requested to be admitted, the Madrid Superior Police Headquarters states in a note.

Discovered by the police

The facts happened at the end of last August, when agents of Citizen Security intervened in a home in Móstoles, in collaboration with a health resource, for the assistance of a possible psychiatric patient.

The police officers observed strange behavior during the alleged doctor’s performance as at some moments he was acting confidently and credibly and at others in a puerile manner, so they decided to report this to the health authorities.

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An investigation was then launched in order to identify this individual and clarify the facts, proving that the alleged physician was an individual minor without any health qualification..

Hired ambulance

The agents were able to verify that he himself had contracted a 24-hour ambulance service, which he made use of when he went to emergency calls.

The investigators discovered that on at least one occasion he had made a hospital admission after assisting and transferring the patient in his ambulance, and that he had performed more home assistances.

Once the inquiries were completed, he was arrested at the end of September, for an alleged crime of professional intrusionThe judicial authority decreed his release pending trial.

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