How you can produce free energy at home while showering

There are many alternative ways you can produce electricity, and some of them are quite obscure. Small hydro generators that can be attached to an existing water circuit are available on Amazon at very affordable prices.

One of the most effective solutions is to mount such a generator on the shower hose/column. This way, every time you wash you produce free energy without wasting extra water.

Very many users connect a light source, preferably an LED strip, to these generators. These devices have a very low power consumption and do not require very high water pressure to operate.

Thus, when showering, users of mini hydro generators no longer have to switch on the main light source in the bathroom, saving electricity.

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If the water pressure is high enough, such a generator can be set up to be used even for charging small electronic batteries.


A model with many users and good ratings is the Yosoo DC Water Turbine Generator, available on Amazon for $17.40. The device operates at a minimum pressure of 0.05 Mpa (Megascal) and a maximum of 1.2 Mpa. Without a regulator installed, the voltage of the current generated varies depending on the water pressure. One Amazon user claims to have been able to draw 4.9 V with the device connected to a pipe connected to a hanging barrel that collects rainwater.

The noise produced by the device during operation is a maximum of 55 dB. The manufacturer claims that the generator has a continuous operating life of over 3,000 hours.

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In conclusion, with an investment of less than 150 lei (mini hydro generator plus LED strip) you can have free lighting in the shower for many years.


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