Fairphone 2, released with Android 5 in 2015, received a system update in 2022

Most Android phones sold worldwide have a software support period of two to three years. Only the latest flagships with prices around 1,000 euros are starting to receive promises for 4 or even 5 years of updates, given that Apple is still updating today phones launched in 2015. But there are exceptions to the rule. , as Fairphone 2 is now receiving a system update, 7 years after its launch.

Fairphone 2 was launched with the iPhone 6S and both are still receiving system updates

Fairphone 2 was launched in 2015 as a repairable alternative, accessible and with software without bloatware to phones that appeared on the market during that period. About this time, the Android device market began to move seriously in the direction started by Apple, with a glass construction, glued components and difficult to replace, but also software with much more complex proprietary interfaces.

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Many smartphone makers have complained over time that one of the reasons updates are stopped after two or three years is Qualcomm, which no longer offers support for its processors. Thus, it is impressive that the Fairphone 2, equipped with Snapdragon 801, a processor that has run out of support from the manufacturer, is now receiving updates, and additional work is needed to adapt this chipset to the new version.

Of course, because of such an old phone, the Fairphone team could not bring even the latest version of Android on this phone. However, it does not receive any very old version. This is Android 10, the 2019 version. Given that Fairphone 2 was launched in 2015 with Android 5 Lollipop, even the fact that it received five system updates from the manufacturer is a real record. The fact that it still receives such updates 7 years after its launch is another record for Android devices.

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Fairphone’s promise is to bring “sustainable” phones to market. However, the company’s ambitions are to offer at least two system updates over the life of the devices, but it usually hopes to reach five such releases. It seems that in the case of Fairphone 2, the company has achieved its goal. From now on, the phone will only receive security updates, as long as Google releases more updates for Android 10.

source: Phone Arena

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