Europeans want low-emission cars, even if they are more expensive

More than three-quarters of Europeans believe that car manufacturers should be legally obliged to reduce emissions from new cars as much as possible technologically, while almost two-thirds would be willing to pay up to 500 euros more for a car. new vehicle with lower emissions, according to a survey conducted by the European Transport and Environment Federation on the YouGov platform.

“The car industry claims that reducing a vehicle’s emissions is too expensive, when in reality it will cost less than a paint job. Europeans want cleaner cars and are willing to pay more for it, “said Fabian Sperka, T&E coordinator.

According to the survey, even if they buy a used car, 50% of those surveyed said they would like it to meet a legal minimum pollution limit, while only 12% of them are not interested in it.

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Pollution must be reduced

“Reducing air pollution is a top priority in the EU’s Green Pact, and emissions from transport are a major source of air pollution. The new Euro 7 standard for cars is both possible and absolutely necessary as an intermediate step in the transition to clean transport. It is all the more important as the Romanian rulers avoid at all costs to take effective measures to reduce pollution in road transport “, says Mihai Stoica, executive director of the 2Celsius Association.

Official statistics show that in Romania, every year, over 29,000 people die prematurely from causes associated with pollution, and social costs are the highest in the European Union, respectively over 1,800 euros / capita / year and 3,002 euros / head of population / year at the level of Bucharest Municipality.

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“The European Commission is examining a number of new proposals to improve air quality by reducing traffic emissions and estimates that the car industry will have to pay between € 100 and € 500 per car to reduce emissions. At the same time, the car industry warns that cleaner vehicles will reach profit margins and push for lower emission reduction targets. In April, the European Commission will propose new rules for the “Euro 7” standard, which will set the legal limits for the approximately 100 million petrol and diesel cars that will be sold in Europe starting in 2025 “.

The T&E survey was conducted on the YouGov platform, on a sample of over 8,000 people from Romania, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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