EU condemns Russian plans for “orchestrated” referendum to annex occupied areas of Ukraine

The European Union on Thursday condemned plans by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party to hold an “orchestrated and illegitimate” referendum on November 4 to annex occupied areas of Ukraine.

“The EU strongly condemns any attempt by the Russian Federation to hold an illegal referendum that seeks to create an illegitimate alternative to the administrative structures in Ukraine,” EU foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano told Europa Press.

Stano recalled that this attempt represents a “flagrant violation” by the Kremlin of international law and the Ukrainian Constitution, as well as an attack on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, which in no case will be recognized by the EU.

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“The result of this orchestrated and illegitimate vote will not be recognized by the EU and if member states. Russia, its political leaders and all those involved in violations of international law in Ukraine will be held accountable,” the spokesman of the European diplomacy warned.

The proposal of Putin’s party is that, coinciding with the Day of Unity of Russia, the referendum on annexation should be held in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. This has been put forward by the general secretary, Andrei Turchak, who has called to take advantage of a “historic date” for the entire Russian orbit to advance on the path towards the annexation of territories that Moscow considers “liberated”.

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United Russia wields alleged studies that would reveal the willingness of the citizens of the Donbas to become part of the Russian Federation, an allegation similar to the one put forward in 2014 to justify the consultation in the Crimean peninsula.

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