These are the finalists of the EBLive Awards 2023

The EBLive Awardsthe national awards recognizing excellence, hard work and social activism of esports industry professionals and organizations, concludes its nomination process with a historic participation milestone: 102,441 votes cast making the 2nd edition of the EBLive Awards the largest vote in the history of the Spanish-speaking esports sector.

The finalists of this second edition are:

  • In the category. Entrepreneur of the Year: Virginia Calvo and José Ramón, Co-owners of Good Game Group; Fernando Piquer, Founder & CEO of Movistar Riders; Antonio Catena and Arnau Vidal, Co-owners of Team Heretics; Oriol Querol, CEO of KOI; and Juan José Boronat, CEO of Cabal Esports.
  • In the category. to the best partnership agreement: Team Heretics for its agreement with Red Bull; KOI for its agreement with Finetwork; KPI for its agreement with Policía Nacional; Giants Gaming for its agreement with Turismo Costa del Sol; Cabal Esports for its agreement with Atresmedia.
  • In the category. for the best innovative project: Heretics Labs; Giants Innovation Hub; Madrid In Game; Fundación Once; Chili Cheese Games (Wonder Wards).
  • In the category. to the best esports training: ESIC; Esports Professional; SquareBox; Johan Cruiff Institute; and ISDE.
  • In the category. esports team of the year: Team Heretics; Case Esports; Giants Gaming; Movistar Riders; and KOI Esports.
  • In the category a the benchmark brand in the industry: Domino’s Gaming; Red Bull; Movistar; OMEN and Logitech.
  • In category. best competition promoter: Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP); GGTech Entertainment (Circuito Tormenta); Dreamhack; ElaLiga Santander and ESL.
  • In the category. to the best media of the year: Marca Gaming; Esportmaniacos; Movistar Esports; Esports Bureau and Vandal.
  • In category. to the best journalist of the year: Yuste; Lembo; Anonimotum; Alvaro Daza and Carlos ‘Liber` Diaz.
  • In the category. to the best esports player of the year: ElYoya; Flakked; Adolfo Gallego; Koldamenta; Matias Bonanno.
  • In category. best publisher of the year:Riot Games; Epic Games; Electronics Arts; Sony and Nintendo.
  • In category. for the best streaming platform: Twitch; TikTok; Youtube; Kick; Instagram.
  • In category. best coach of the year: Lucas Rojo; Pablo ‘Marhoder` Menendez; Tomas Campelos; TQ THNKII; and Marcos ‘Aeroz` Gonzalez.
  • In the category. caster of the year: Sergio Ferra; Ulises; Jaime Mellado; Noa; Carlos ‘Bebe` Bahlsen.

The winner of each category will be announced the next day. July 14 at the Chamber Hall of the Adán Martin Auditorium in Tenerife. within the framework of the Tenerife GG Festival during the Awards Gala that will start at 20:00 (Spanish peninsular time).

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