Galaxy S23 gets slower storage in the base trim

It would probably be a good idea to avoid the cheaper Galaxy S23 version, equipped by Samsung with a noticeably slower internal storage solution than the other models in the series.

That’s the Galaxy S23 equipped with 128GB of internal memory, shipped by Samsung with a NAND chip based on the UFS3.1 format, similar to the current Galaxy S22 models. In contrast, the Galaxy S23 version with 256GB internal memory and all other models in the series receive NAND solutions based on the new UFS 4.0 format. Specifically, it promises speeds of up to 4,200MB/s and 2,800MB/s for data read/write operations, while consuming 46% less power. In other words, the 256GB Galaxy S23 could have better battery life than the 128GB version.

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The information comes amid conflicting rumors suggesting that all S23 versions will have at least 256GB of internal memory. The speculation is based on the fact that Samsung doesn’t even have UFS 4.0 NAND Flash solutions on offer. Thus, Samsung is either discriminating against buyers of the cheaper model, or eliminating this version of equipment from the offer.

For reference, UFS3.1 solutions have theoretical maximum speeds of 1200MB/s for data read operations, but only for 256GB and 512GB storage versions. In contrast, Samsung lists a maximum speed of 850MB/s in 128GB UFS3.1 equipment.

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