Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour will feature minors named DBFZ Tenkaichi

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is back in 2023, featuring of course the big Majors, but also giving Minors the opportunity to insert themselves into more local events.

The main event of the latter category are the tournaments. DBFZ TenkaichiMinor events that are an important part of the FighterZ World Tour. These events give players the opportunity to get involved in tournaments outside of the major leagues.

Last weekend, the first high-level tournament for 23/24, FighterZ EVO 2023 took place as part of EVO. However, it only kicked off many more opportunities to earn ranking points, especially for those looking to attend DBFZ Tenkaichi tournaments.

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The organizers behind the World Tour used EVO to explain how the DBFZ Tenkaichi tournaments will work. These will be Minor-type tournaments, but that Will focus on supporting the base level of fighting game e-sports.. Players can nominate local tournaments organized by external organizers. If they meet the requirements, they will become part of the FighterZ World Tour. This can be a great way to have a more diverse roster of events around the world.

Organizers and players can start nominating tournaments now. The distribution of points is still weighted towards the major tournaments. However, DBFZ Tenkaichi tournaments still provide a viable route to placing on the World Tour. If competitors accumulate enough points at this level and make it to one or two major tournaments, they may be able to move up to the finals.

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After EVO, the next World Tour Major is VSFighting XI, which will take place from August 18-20. Once this concludes we will be able to see the first Tenkaichi events and get a better idea of which players are likely to make it to the finals.

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