Guasones to be one of the ten Superliga teams in 2024

Guasones will be at the next edition of the League of Legends Super Leaguethe maximum competition of the Riot Games game organized by the LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO).

The Navarre team will occupy BISONS’ place. in Superliga 2024. In the Superliga promotion and relegation phase, played in September, CASE Esports achieved promotion and UCAM Tokiers managed to keep their place. Wizards finished in third position in that promotion phase ahead of Guasones, which gave them the right to promotion as all clubs had been informed, but Wizards finally will not occupy that place as they could not meet all the requirements of the top category. As a result, the doors to the Superliga are once again open for Guasones, owned by players Rubén García and Jon Moncayola (Club Atlético Osasuna) and content creator Manuel “Manute” Gómez.

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Guasones joins a list of teams that already includes the new faces of CASE Esports, which won the promotion phase, and ZETA, winner of the place that LVP opened last October to replace Fnatic TQ.

Guasones has a very interesting project for the future, so we are delighted that they can continue to grow in the most important competition in Spain, which is the Superliga. Last year they were able to create their own identity and connect with the public, and we know that this season they are going to take a new step forward.

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP

This season, the Superliga has been sponsored by OMEN, Intel, El Corte Inglés, Domino’s, KITKAT, Mahou, Takis, Magnum, Imagin, Cacaolat, Santalucia Seguros, Goldcar, Air Europa and Renfe..

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