Sengoku Dynasty now available for Steam Early Access for PC – That’s Gaming

Developer Superkami and publisher Toplitz Productions are pleased to announce that their multi-faceted open-world RPG, city-builder, life simulation and survival game Sengoku Dynasty is now available for PC via Steam Early Access.

Sengoku Dynasty offers a new take on the Sengoku era, where players immerse themselves in the tumultuous past of feudal Japan, transforming a famine-ravaged and war-torn country into their personal legacy. These are demanding times, where the road to prosperity will not be without obstacles.

The natural splendor of Sengoku Dynasty’s vast open world is presented in stunning detail thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5, and includes a diverse array of biomes to explore as players begin to build their lives in the Peasant Empire.

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Players can build their legacies alone or with up to 3 companions in co-op mode as they begin their legacies and interact with a wide range of unique characters, some friendly and some who want to disrupt their way of life.

Various tasks must be completed to support their village communities as they seek to bring growth and prosperity during one of the most challenging periods in Japan’s historical past. Creating essential tools and forging both melee and distance-based weapons such as katanas and bows create the means for survival and the ability to hunt, as well as the ability to defend what they have built.

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Exploration of the diverse landscape of Sengoku Dynasty will also be necessary to gather natural resources such as bamboo, stone, grass, ore and wood to build and expand villages, as well as their influence in the environment. Buildings such as breweries, workshops, houses, watchtowers and shrines can be constructed to improve the quality of life. Players can help their villages prosper by assigning jobs to the inhabitants, such as foraging, crafting or building special projects. These workers contribute significantly to the player’s economy and development.

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