Grow your own mushrooms with Shrooly –

As urban living becomes increasingly popular, some ingenious technology companies around the world are creating exciting and unique ways to allow you to grow your own plants without needing a garden or allotment. In the past, we’ve looked at the Smart Garden 9 Pro, which is geared toward growing plants and fruits, and now Shrooly has come up with a way to grow your own mushrooms.

The product is simply known as Shrooly and it serves as a way to grow 12+ varieties of mushrooms in just seven days, all by using automated systems that reduce the need for you to actually monitor the fungus.

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Shrooly states that you can grow shiitake, yellow oyster, lion’s mane, honey fungus and more, and that the growing process simply revolves around placing a pod in the device and then adding some water, before letting the system take over.

The catch with an automated system like this is that it’s not particularly cheap at the moment, with the basic bundle selling for $449 and the most expensive one clocking in at $899. Still, if you want high-quality mushrooms, this may be the best way to grow them yourself.

Grow your own mushrooms with Shrooly

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