The Global Esports Federation expands by creating the Oceania Esports Development Federation.

It is well known that we are not fans of esports federations. In fact, we cannot say that they have been a great help, at least for the moment, to the sector. But the news is the news, and it’s time to talk about the Global Esports Federation (GEF) and his new adventure.

This adventure is the creation of the Oceania Esports Development Federation (OEDM)with the aim of expanding its reach throughout the region. Its creation is part of GEF’s plans to foster the sustainable development of the e-sports industry worldwide.

In keeping with the tone to which GEF has accustomed us.former professional footballer Rebecca Smith has been appointed president of the new Federation, which aims to promote the objectives of the OEDM by providing resources and support to esports communities within Oceania. Sincerely, We don’t know Rebecca Smith’s background in esports, but the general tone of the GEF is to put people from traditional esports backgrounds at the helm of esports; at the moment, few if any with actual esports experience.

I am delighted to help shape the Oceania eSports Development Federation to unite our continent in the global eSports movement. Together, we will help share sustainable growth, empowerment and education opportunities by playing our part in the #worldconnected community.

Rebecca Smith, OEDM President

The creation of the OEDM is the third expansion of the Global Esports Federation. In 2021, it created the African eSports Development Federation and the Pan American eSports Federation to assist with growth in the regions. The results of these two initiatives in these two years are not known….

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Founded in 2019, the GEF aims to encompass the entire eSports ecosystem to assist with sustainability efforts. This includes providing educational opportunities to promote its #worldconnected motto.

The GEF continues to solidify its position as a governing body within the eSports industry. In May 2023, the Federation appointed Eric Brinkley as its Director of Programs and Content.

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