Dozens of people take to the streets of Kabul to protest against the closure of schools for Afghan girls

MADRID, March 26. (Royals Blue) –

Dozens of teachers, students and women’s rights activists have demonstrated this Saturday against the ban declared by the Taliban against girls attending school beyond their sixth year.

Images collected by the Afghan network Tolo News have shown dozens of women, along with girls wearing school uniforms and textbooks, demanding their rights to study and work in Afghanistan.

One of the organizers has confirmed to the DPA agency that the march had started in front of the Ministry of Education in the capital and ended peacefully, with no confirmed arrests so far.

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On Wednesday, more than a million Afghan girls were turned away from the country’s schools after the Taliban decided to back down at the last minute from its initial decision to open schools for girls.

The fundamentalist movement, which took control of the country in a blitzkrieg in August 2021, gave no reason for the change, sparking national outcry. International organizations and world governments have also called on the Taliban to immediately reconsider their decision.

Since the Taliban seized power on August 15 last year with the capture of the capital, Kabul, they have restricted the rights of Afghans. Girls and women have been deprived of many of their rights and protests against the changes have been repressed.

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