Disney+ has revealed when “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” launches on the platform: when you can see it at home if you missed it at the cinema

Disney+ is upgrading IMAX Enhanced movies, including some Marvel Cinematic Universe films, with a new audio option.

The streaming service will enable IMAX signature sound from DTS on select titles this year, giving viewers high-quality audio.

However, you’ll need compatible equipment to hear DTS sound. At first, some IMAX Enhanced certified TVs from manufacturers like Sony and Hisense will support DTS on Disney+, as will certain AV receivers from Denon, Marantz and JBL. However, you don’t need any special devices to view IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio of 1.90:1, which delivers up to 26% better images during certain sequences.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, on Disney+, starting Feb. 1

Some may find that adding DTS audio will help them better reproduce the IMAX experience at home. DTS will offer a higher bit-rate alternative to Dolby Atmos, but many prefer the latter. In the near future, you may be able to watch a Disney+ movie in either audio format and decide for yourself.

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Meanwhile, Disney+ has announced when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be coming to the platform. You’ll be able to stream the latest MCU movie at home on Disney+, then, starting February 1. The film will feature IMAX Enhanced support.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, Wakanda Forever is a sequel to one of the most acclaimed MCU films to date. On the other hand, it’s the first Black Panther film after the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman in 2020. How Wakanda Forever continued the Black Panther franchise without T’Challa is hard to describe, but the film is certainly a touching tribute to the actor who redefined Black Panther despite his short time playing the character. As for the story, Wakanda Forever introduces Namor, but you’ll see more details in the film.

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