Bring a sense of adventure to your 2024 fitness goals with the virtual challenges of The Lord of the Rings -.

Need some motivation to reach fitness goals and good intentions for the new year? If so, The Conqueror Virtual Challenges has created the perfect series for The Lord of the Rings fans.

The series asks users to walk, run or bike the distance that Frodo, Sam and the Fellowship had to travel during the epic Middle-earth saga. From The Shire to Mordor, the series spans five stages, each with a huge distance and totaling between 660 miles and 1,815 miles, depending on the level of challenge you accept.

In order to complete the challenges, you must log physical miles during the event and have them translated and presented on a digital app that tracks the journey of Frodo and the Fellowship. The Conqueror will even support your progress by planting a tree or preventing 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean for every 20% of the challenge you complete, so not only will you become healthier by completing this trial, you will effectively save the planet.

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Are you faced with the task of walking into Mordor and destroying the One Ring?

Bring a sense of adventure to your 2024 fitness goals with The Lord of the Rings virtual challenges

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