Halo announces SleepSure, a sleep and health monitoring bracelet for babies

It looks like health monitoring devices are getting a lot of attention at CES this year. After the device to turn the toilet into a testing lab, the company Halo proposes SleepSure, a sleep monitoring bracelet for babies. It works similarly to an adult fitness bracelet, but also has some dedicated capabilities for little ones that will help parents be better informed about their child’s activity when they sleep.

Halo SleepSure offers the features of a fitness bracelet to monitor baby activity

Halo SleepSure is a monitoring wristband that fits on your baby’s leg and includes sensors that monitor both sleep and heart rate, skin temperature, baby’s movement, and whether your baby has rolled over on his or her tummy. Parents can set what kind of information to be sent as alerts if their baby wakes up, or turns onto their tummy, and sleep is monitored and recorded in the app to have a better record of sleep hours, which can then be given to paediatricians if needed.

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halo sleepsure app

The device is made for use by children aged 0-18 months and costs US$250. It comes with several textile bracelets, of various sizes, which can be changed as the child grows. There’s also a device that serves as a “base”, which presumably is actually connected to the wristband and sends information to the parent’s phone via Wi-Fi.

Halo SleepSure is scheduled to be released later this month and will initially be sold through the manufacturer’s website. In the coming months, the device could also be found in specialty stores.

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